Twin Cities Gets Organic with Recycling

//Twin Cities Gets Organic with Recycling

Twin Cities Gets Organic with Recycling

Energy efficiency can be a very broad topic; it starts with turning off things you don’t need – and definitely things you aren’t using,green recycle energy efficiency means awareness most of all. The dots will begin to connect all by themselves once we all start to think from this perspective.

Energy is NOT free, it may be low cost, but that thinking is a good part of what got us to not think very deeply about energy.Recycling is along the same line of thinking.

My favorite recycling person in the world has a bumper sticker (on her Prius) that says “if you recycle you’re part of the problem” and she is just waiting for people to challenge that slogan – because her ready answer is “reduce first, then reuse, and finally you get to the part about recycling.” I don’t think everyone gets that as they speed past her.

Now recycling is so mainstream that Organics Recycling is now front-and-center for those who keep pushing the rest of us forward. Hennepin County and the City of Minneapolis just announced they will provide containers for Organics Recycling along with the containers they provide for metal/corrugated cardboard/glass and paper. For access to these new containers call (612) 673-5411 or visit the website for Hennepin County or the City of Minneapolis.

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