Sustainability Forum: Threats and Opportunities

//Sustainability Forum: Threats and Opportunities

Sustainability Forum: Threats and Opportunities

As you may know, our friend, Mike Conley has been writing and speaking on the challenges pertaining to the “perfect storm” since the publishing of his book Lethal Trajectories in 2011 . Sustainability management is an important part of that effort and has led to partnering opportunities to add leverage to his efforts.

Recently, Mike has been doing some work with Clifton Ware, Editor & Publisher of the SEF (Sustainability Education Forum) News ( Clif and Mike have agreed to team up on a pilot seminar entitled the “Sustainability Forum: Threats and Opportunities.” Along with Matt Hoiland and Alan Ware, Mike Conley will be presenting an abbreviated version of the Perfect Storm at this forum.

This Forum will be taking place Saturday morning, January 7, at 10:30 AM. Details can be found by clicking here, and the program will be about two hours – or less – in length.

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