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Don’t be the last nonprofit in Minnesota to be EnerChanged!

Since our beginning in late 2010, EnerChange is pleased to have served 550 different organizations, implementing efficiency improvements within 1,000 of their buildings. We have facilitated the achievement of energy savings – kWh—electric energy savings—and Therms—gas energy savings – at a level equivalent to 1229,152,006 lbs. of CO2 through these actions. Our clients are most pleased with the fact that they have collectively saved $10,620,000, allowing them to spend more money on program advancements or investing the savings in deeper energy efficiency, ensuring even greater savings throughout the coming years and decades.

We have been privileged to work with nonprofit organizations of many kinds—schools, senior living, multiple family housing, churches and health facilities. No matter what your version of a 501 (c) 3, we can EnerChange you as well, enabling you to help yourselves, and to come to the aid of our stressed and burdened planet at the same time.

What Our Customers Say

“It has been one year since EnerChange has assisted us with upgrading our building lighting which resulted in significant savings. Without the assistance of EnerChange and the special programs offered for non-profit organizations, Greater Twin Cities United Way could not have afforded to make the upgrade to our building lighting.

When we started the process of retrofitting our lighting to higher efficiency, I was skeptical about the savings potential and concerned that our lighting quality would be compromised. The quality of our lighting improved from day one and the savings we have experienced have been significant and have met or exceeded your predictions. Savings after one year are nearly $9,500.

Working with EnerChange has been a pleasant and professional experience. Your staff has been professional and the follow-up to be sure we are happy has been impressive. One minor adjustment had to be made and was followed through on very quickly.

As we go forward and look for more energy conservation measures, we will not hesitate to contact EnerChange for the expertise you bring to the table. ”

Gary Pederson, Directory of Facility Management, Greater Twin Cities United Way

“On behalf of Model Cities of St. Paul, Inc, I am delighted to provide this letter of support for Enerchange. Model Cities of St. Paul, Inc. is a private nonprofit organization that provides a variety of human services to under-served populations and is an active community-based developer, owner and manager of commercial and residential properties.

In January, we began working on our agency’s 2012-2014 Strategic Plan and decided to include capital improvements as a major activity. Thanks to the various services provided by Enerchange, we were able to develop an improvement plan that will allow us to preserve our affordable housing properties, enhance our buildings’ performance and save money by reducing energy costs. During this process, our experience with the staff and consultants from Enerchange was exemplary. They proved to be very knowledgeable, professional and eager to assist us in identifying and accessing available resources needed to carry-out our improvement plan.

It is our hope that EnerChange will continue to provide us with support during the implementation of our improvement plan, as well as assist other nonprofit organizations with identifying and carrying out energy efficiency improvements. Again, it is my pleasure to express our support of EnerChange and the valuable work they do to help nonprofits gain greater level of energy efficiency. ”

Kizzy L. Downie, Director of Operations Management, Model Cities

“I have worked with EnerChange over the past year at the Bridge For Youth. In choosing to work with them, it was our goal to take a look at our facility on a large scale, and find areas where we could save money by reducing our energy consumption. My experience working with EnerChange was very positive, and we were able to find many areas of potential improvement in our energy efficiency. I truly felt that EnerChange consistently met and often exceeded what I expected. I am sure that we will be better off as an agency in the long term based upon these findings, and would recommend EnerChange to any agency looking at reducing energy costs.”

Nate Soderberg, Facilities Manager, Bridge For Youth

“After meeting with EnerChange all our staff have become much more energy conscious. Many have started using the tag line in their emails ‘be green, turn off lights and computers’. We have switched to energy efficient light bulbs that will lower our energy costs. At our Buildings and Grounds Committee meetings you will frequently hear members asking about how we can save more on energy; how are we doing on managing the HVAC system to lower energy usage. EnerChange has felt like a nonprofit partner from the beginning as we ask each other how can we do better.”

Grant Thesing, Finance Director, East Side Neighborhood Services

“At Ultra Energy, we would like to express our gratitude and support for the EnerChange program for 501c3 nonprofits. We have been working with nonprofits for decades, but an efficient workflow was always an issue. However, since working with EnerChange the hurdles inhibiting organizations from implementing necessary work have disappeared. The decision makers are informed and excited to make improvements. In the past, we would bid up to 10 projects with only 1 installation. With EnerChange, the results have flipped. By bidding 10 projects with 9 awards and completions.

The time EnerChange spends educating their clients prepares them for the informed decisions that need to be made in their conservation measures. Our last group of clients went from an audit to a bid and completed projects in less than 8 weeks! All we can say is thank you and Wow!”

Vince Suerth, Owner, Ultra Energy

“We encourage you to support the EnerChange energy efficiency program. EnerChange helped us identify energy efficiency opportunities that were going untouched; and because of the rebate and other financial programs they brought to us, we will soon have a new lighting system installed in every room of the school with a payback of just two years and we’ll have lower electric bills going forward! We are grateful to EnerChange for helping us save money in these challenging times. And we’ll help spread the word that turning off any appliance or computer that you aren’t using is the smart thing to do. ”

Joseph C. Rice, Executive Director, Nawayee Center School

” We just wanted to send a word of thanks to you about the work that EnerChange has done for St. John the Baptist Catholic Parish here in Excelsior. Since our first interaction with your organization, it has been a pleasure and quite an energy education for all of us here at St. John’s.

The unique situation posed by St. John’s from an energy standpoint is evident in every corner of our campus, as most of our campus was constructed over five decades ago. Since working with you, we’ve learned an enormous amount about what is available for efficient, clean and long-lasting solutions for each area of our campus.

Our students have been given an education, as well, in energy savings, energy efficiency, and how both large and small steps can make an impact in our overall energy footprint through your programs. Since installing the energy monitor which can be viewed via a web-based interface, our middle school students have made it a regular practice to review energy usage in our school building and keep each other, and staff, accountable for good stewardship of our energy
resources – reminding each other to turn off lights, computers, monitors, and other energy using devices when not in use.

Since working with your company in installing energy efficient fixtures in our school building, we’ve not only realized some real, definable savings from an energy and costs standpoint, but we’re created a much more appealing and comfortable environment for the students at St. John’s School. We’ve also seen the same type of major improvement since finishing the change-over process in lighting in our church space and in our Gathering Place meeting rooms.

Since refitting our parking lot lights with high-efficiency, energy saving units we’ve seen not only improved lighting and energy savings, but peace of mind and a higher sense of security in our parishioners.

The responsiveness, knowledge and creativity of your staff and other business you’ve brought on board for our projects have made each experience with EnerChange terrific. St. John’s is always confident that each project will be brought to a positive conclusion, and that the solutions you bring to us will be the very best for our needs, both from a responsible energy management standpoint and from a financial savings standpoint. Your use and understanding of all available materials, options, credits, rebates and products makes any project a win-win.

Participating in the EnerChange program has been a real eye-opener for everyone here at St. John’s. Being a church and parochial school, our capital expenditures must be carefully considered to make the most of every dollar; this is an imperative to our responsible use of the donated funds we receive from our parishioners. Now, whenever there is consideration of an upgrade, or if some aspect of our mechanicals is in need of repair or replacement, one of our first calls is generally to you. We know that your staff will bring us all of the information we need to make the most energy-efficient and responsible choice possible.”

Carol Bishop, Business Administrator and Christy Theis, Operations Manager, St. John the Baptist Catholic Parish

“In August 2014, EnerChange provided St. Patrick Catholic Church with a no-cost energy study. In that report, [they] suggested 75 energy conservation recommendations for us to consider. Afterwards, [they] followed up with us and helped us prioritize these recommendations.

Like many churches, we haven’t addressed energy conservation measures in the past, at least as much as we should. Since August, we have slowly been adopting some of the recommendations, most recently with interior and exterior lighting, and some HVAC low cost suggestions. Though we are not yet finished with this work, it is clear to me that we will see at least a 10% reduction in our utility expenses.

I am very familiar with EnerChange, mostly from my time in the corporate world. Now, being an administrator for a nonprofit organization, I value [their] mission even more. It’s difficult for a nonprofit to take advantage of the many energy service companies that are in the market. Enerchange gives us a preliminary look at our building and our utility usage, and they do it at no cost. This is a tremendous value that I recommend to any church or nonprofit organization. Most of us spend 10 to 30% more on energy than we need to, and Enerchange can help us find those savings.

Thank you for the good work you’ve done, and we look forward to a continued relationship.”

Dan Jaeger, Business Administrator, St. Patrick Catholic Church