New Perspectives = New Opportunities

//New Perspectives = New Opportunities

New Perspectives = New Opportunities

Yes, to state the obvious, these are unprecedented times. Outdistancing memories of virtually every living American, neither the current pandemic nor predicted financial prospects even come close to other challenges our country has faced in at least a century. Like all patriotic Americans, we at EnerChange share an abiding faith in the resilience of our citizenry; agreeing with real leaders as they daily remind us, we will get through this.

Meanwhile, we all have hurdles and barriers to daily living that we are working through – both personally and professionally. Our traditional routines have been turned upside down as we re-order our lifestyles and those of our families and friends. Each of us at different stages in our approach to change may come to realize that we have some unexpected time available – whether we’re working from home or the office – and that’s often accompanied by a bit of surprise. We’re not used to extra time as we pursue the missions of our nonprofit organizations.

Throughout our history, EnerChange has always worked remotely – virtually, as we have described it – so that part of new is not new to us. We have been delighted and impressed during the last couple of weeks by the communication we have received from quite a number of you EnerChangers who also are adjusting to the new normal. It appears to be occurring to nonprofit people in charge of facilities that their new perspective is prompting opportunities to engage in activity that has been tabled or postponed during the usual press of business. We want to pass along to you some things to consider as you refine your professional focus:

  1. There’s never been a more critical need to save money wherever you can. Stress on program dollars has always existed, but now that pain is greater than ever. We’re always amazed at how many dollars can be recovered by converting expenses for energy usage to program budgets (or for driving deeper energy savings) by implementing efficiency measures. EnerChange is here to help you find those dollars.
  2. Those dollars-to-save may already exist without doing anything but review your recent history. If you’ve implemented any energy saving measures – lighting, HVAC, etc. – you may have some rebate dollars just waiting to be cashed in. We’re experts at claiming rebates for our program participants, so call us to help you review your activities.
  3. Remember, EnerChange services are offered at no cost to you through the support of The State of Minnesota and our enlightened utilities – CenterPoint Energy and Xcel Energy. So, let’s get started as soon as you give us a call.
  4. Remember, as well, EnerChange removes the hassle in the energy saving process. Once you give us the go-ahead, we can take over from there, bringing decision options to you as we discover them.
  5. Saving money by saving energy has another byproduct– creating more supportive, comfortable and nurturing environments. Lighting improvements, HVAC upgrades, and activities like insulation that have too easily been postponed, all create worker satisfaction that can readily convert to worker productivity.

We want you to know that EnerChange is ready, willing, and very able to provide our money-saving, energy-saving services in this time of unprecedented personal and professional challenge. We may, through collaboration with you, find ways to modify our traditional procedures, but, like you, we’re determined to meet these new challenges that have thrown us such a substantial curve!

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