Minnesotans Care About Trees

//Minnesotans Care About Trees

Minnesotans Care About Trees

Here at EnerChange, we’re all about the environment. We enjoy helping you save money by saving energy, and we love doing our part to save the environment here in Minnesota. And we’re not the only ones! There are organizations all over the state that enjoy protecting the environment just as much as we do.

Want to be a part of energy saving efforts in Minnesota? Beyond getting a free energy assessment for your non-profit from EnerChange, you can plant a tree! Or maybe ten. You may have noticed trees in your neighborhood being marked with an orange stripe and then cut down, due to illness. Luckily, the Tree Trust here in the Twin Cities is working on planting more! And they’d love to have you as a volunteer. The also have young adult programs, which are great for giving our youth the chance to learn job skills, grow as workers, earn a paycheck, and help the environment.

Check out their video, and volunteer to plant trees in your neighborhood!


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