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Minneapolis Energy Technical Assistance Program

Minneapolis Energy Technical Assistance (E-TAP) Program Description

Act now. A limited number of businesses can be accepted.

Did you know that you could be throwing away thousands of dollars every year by incurring unnecessary energy costs? Just spend less than a half hour of your time to listen to our energy specialist (at no cost to you) tell you why taking a few steps toward energy efficiency can save your business significant money. The City of Minneapolis is sponsoring this special program – E-TAP (Energy Assistance Technical Assistance) – to give businesses like yours the same opportunity as other successful businesses. Business owners and managers everywhere are making changes in their energy consumption to save lots of money by reducing their “fixed costs” – currently slotted as energy expenses.


Schedule an appointment with an E-TAP Specialist

  • Call E-TAP Specialists, Michael T’Kach – 952-562-8697 or Jeremy Davis – 952-562-8695, or
  • Fill out the request form and ask for an appointment


Listen to the opportunities for:

  • Convenience and grocery stores
  • Restaurants and Liquor Stores
  • Retail stores
  • Offices, and
  • Any smaller business wanting to improve their bottom line.


If enrolled, treat yourself to a Free Professional Energy Assessment


Don’t miss out. Act now! Minneapolis wants to support your business by providing a valuable service that pays great dividends to you. Take full advantage while the opportunity lasts.

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