LED Lights: A Bright Future

//LED Lights: A Bright Future

LED Lights: A Bright Future

If you’re a frequent reader of the EnerChange blog, you know we’re a fan of LED lights. LED stands for “light-emitting diode.” The scientifically-inclined can read about the technology behind LEDs on Wikipedia, or but for the rest of us, just remember one simple thing: LED lights are the most energy-efficient light bulb on the market.

It’s time for a light bulb makeover. Still drafting a list of New Year’s resolutions? In 2013, consider replacing all the incandescent bulbs at your home, office, or business with LED bulbs.

Get inspired for your light bulb shopping spree with this infographic from The Clean Revolution, an energy initiative coordinated by environmental non-profit The Climate Group. And check out Xcel Energy’s LED lighting resources, including information, shopping guides, and discounts.

Infographic: LEDs Lighting the Clean Revolution
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