Introduction to Government Report – National Climate Assessment

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Introduction to Government Report – National Climate Assessment

The term “Government Report” for many, can be counter-productive in creating a high level of motivation to read and digest. The recently released (Thanksgiving weekend, 2018) Fourth National Climate Assessment, however, is both accessible and digestible. Either the Full Report or The Report in Brief can be downloaded. Comprehensive, it certainly is (1656 pages), but the considerable amount of valuable information can be “toured” by sections and by one’s individual interest levels. From the Home Page, you can go directly to Summary Findings, Overview and Report Chapters and also opt to download specific documents. From the About Tab, you can get an Introduction that places the Report in its context relative to governmental mandates, a Guide for reading the Report, and check out the impressive array of contributor Credits if that interests you.

The Report Chapters are divided into National Topics, Regions, Responses and Appendices, including FAQs featuring 39 familiar questions referred to in the news on a daily basis. Clicking on any one of the 34 chapter titles, readily gets you to the information of greatest interest to your own pursuit of climate impact knowledge.

Believing far more in the wisdom of the general population in America (read Paul Hawken’s Blessed Unrest) than our ostensible leaders, reading this report will provide any interested party a solid and serious description of the challenges of Climate Change and our possible responses. EnerChange is a small but proud part of the blessed unrest, helping nonprofit organizations save money by saving energy. This Report will help drive action at many levels, partly due to the reality of the impact of climate change and very importantly because of the economic impact that is inevitable.

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