Energy Audits for Business and Commercial Buildings

//Energy Audits for Business and Commercial Buildings

Energy Audits for Business and Commercial Buildings


How much energy are you wasting each month in your office? Are there areas where you could save hundreds of dollars each year by simply making a couple of changes? Many businesses aren’t operating as efficiently as they can, but building owners and renters have no idea what they can do to remedy the problem.

An energy audit can help. Since office buildings often house many tenants, even a small change can make a big difference when implemented across the board. Because of this, the small expense of an energy audit can quickly be recouped. Here are a few major areas that will be included in any energy audit.

Bills and Rebates

Even the most diligent person likely misses a thing or two in his bill each week. A thorough audit of a business’s bill can highlight areas of potential savings. This goes beyond the many possible errors to finding spots where a business can leverage lower rates to enjoy significant savings. By looking at a facility’s usage history, an audit can often highlight trends that a building owner may not see in an average month.

What many businesses don’t realize is that certain energy upgrades are eligible for rebates. An audit can point out areas where an office building can make the switch to a more energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly system affordably. Tax credits and rebates like the CenterPoint Energy’s Multi-Family Housing rebate can greatly offset the cost of new system implementation. An expert can find rebates and credits that a business like wouldn’t be able to find otherwise.

Site Improvements

An energy auditor will do a thorough walk-through of your building and find areas where improvements can be made. One area that is often a target for energy savings is lighting. With small adjustments, a business can save big money on a business’s monthly electricity bill. Fluorescent lights produce less heat than incandescent lights, resulting in a significant cost savings in larger buildings. Businesses can also save money by setting lights on timers so that they shut off after hours, especially on weekends and holidays.

For businesses that house data centers, an energy audit can save money while still keeping equipment safe. Information technology now uses more than ten percent of the world’s electricity consumption, posing an environmental issue and leading to high costs for the businesses that use their services. An energy audit can look at server rooms and data centers of all sizes to implement features like electrical demand peak control and compressed air to help improve efficiency.

With help from EnerChange, businesses and office complex owners can see significant cost savings over time. EnerChange offers energy audits to businesses at no charge whatsoever in the interests of environmental conservation, thanks to funding from the Conservation Improvement Program. A certified energy auditor will come into a business and do a thorough audit of the facilities and its billing to find areas in which savings can be enjoyed. In addition to a professional audit, EnerChange can help businesses find programs that will benefit it, including replacing water heaters, heaters, and more.

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