EnerChanging in 2020

//EnerChanging in 2020

EnerChanging in 2020

We’re a little more than halfway through it, but never has any other year required greater change from each of us than 2020. As usual, nonprofit organizations are experiencing a disproportionate share of pressure from that change. On top of the normal challenges to preserve focus on program and mission issues, financial pressures have been magnified by the extraordinary change demanded by COVID-19 with all of its ramifications.

The Minnesota Council of Nonprofits distributed an insightful report – Minnesota Nonprofit Economy Report COVID-19 Impact Update – in May, this year. They identified four critical concerns among nonprofits: 1) Epic uncertainty, 2) Financial crisis, 3) Racial inequity, and 4) Altered nonprofit role. They observed that “these organizations are facing an unknown scale and breadth of a recovery period with limited resources.”

EnerChange recognizes both the situation and challenges, but also is proud of the way so many nonprofits are responding and proacting. When the going gets tough, as they say, … As we told our utility partners recently, “Underscoring the remarkable level of productivity during these shelter-in-place months, our nonprofit program participants have earned rebates totaling $89,597 from January – May 2020. This five-month total equals 43% of the total number of rebates earned in all of 2019. We are pleasantly surprised by the continuation of energy-saving activity during these challenging times.” That’s impressive, and it is a strong statement of how leadership nonprofits are seizing the day to make real progress financially, even during extraordinarily challenging times.

To be sure – just as these forward-thinking nonprofits have proven – one of the simplest and most immediate things you can change or do is to move $$$ from your expense lines into your mission and program budget. How? Save money by implementing energy-saving measures in operating your building(s). Money-saving facility changes you may have been putting off like insulation, paying attention to managing thermostat settings, as well as lighting and HVAC control systems are all examples of things you can do with no-cost assistance from EnerChange. We are ready, willing, and able to help you adjust your expenses while making improvements that enhance the environments in which you work and live professionally.

Making the most of your now-available time, remember that it’s already August. That means that before you know it, the Minnesota heating season is just around the corner. Boiler tune-ups can earn you significant rebates (those are real dollars) as can many of the other improvements you can implement now. Do yourself an economic favor – call or email us at EnerChange so we can help you make the most out of the remaining months of 2020 – a real trick that you nevertheless can do!

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