EnerChange’s Nonprofit Focus

//EnerChange’s Nonprofit Focus

EnerChange’s Nonprofit Focus

As we at EnerChange continue the approach to our 10-year anniversary, it seems appropriate to reflect on the various key components responsible for our service delivery success. At the heart of our organization’s business is our valued nonprofit customer base – helping them save money by saving energy. Indeed, a presentation to the United Way Executive Committee way back in 2007 sparked their interest in what we were considering, and they felt it could be a very good fit and service for their agency constituents.

Nonprofits In Mind Since the Get-Go

Over the next year, we decided to make the nonprofit sector of our community the “sweet spot” for our intended services. Since many professionals on the energy delivery and consumption stage at the time, believed that nonprofits were not being adequately served by those promoting energy efficiency and conservation, EnerChange received its original funding from the Conservation Improvement Program (CIP) with support from Xcel Energy, CenterPoint Energy and the MN Division of Energy Resources.

Nonprofits come in all sizes

The term, “nonprofit” invariably invokes a range of confusing or misleading interpretations. For example, many people think that nonprofits are always small organizations. Not so; United Way Worldwide, Salvation Army, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Habitat for Humanity International exemplify very large nonprofit companies. It is true that the majority of nonprofits have small staffs and small budgets, e.g., less than $500,000/year, but the range of size is impressive. Nonprofits also comprise a broad spectrum of types and sectors. Typical types of nonprofit services include advocacy, arts, civic, cultural, education, health and human services.

This is Where EnerChange Comes In

There is one key aspect of smaller to medium sized nonprofits that makes what EnerChange offers, very appealing to these organizations and their leaders. Managers in those companies have to cover a lot of ground. They are expected to be an expert in planning, marketing, information management, telecommunications, property management, personnel, finance, systems design, fundraising and program evaluation. It’s not surprising therefore, that achieving energy efficiency – even if these leaders understand its importance – is understandably not high on their list of priorities.

Dedication to Your Business and Your Cause

It’s for this reason that so many of our clients are greatly appreciative of EnerChange. Our modus operandi is to remove the hassle and mystery, take responsibility for everything from assessment to implementation and simply require of these leaders to make a few decisions along the way, based on the optional opportunities we bring to their attention. Since we do not charge any fees for our services thanks to CIP, nonprofit clients become very happy campers, indeed. They far prefer that the money we help them save can go to program issues than out the door as a business expense.

More about EnerChange’s nonprofit client base in upcoming Blogs.

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