EnerChange Visits the Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve

//EnerChange Visits the Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve

EnerChange Visits the Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve

While our mission and purpose at EnerChange is to help nonprofits save money by saving energy, there is a clear connection between our mission and a message of energy efficiency and sustainability.  As a result, EnerChange also feels it’s vital that we position ourselves and participate in the much larger conversation taking place around the world.

Last week we had a unique opportunity to visit the Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve located north of the Twin Cities.  The Reserve is part of the University of Minnesota and is an impressive facility that has a long history of research going back into the 1940’s.  It has been a leader in research in ecosystems and is quickly emerging as a premier research center on climate change and it’s effects on biodiversity.

In simple terms, the Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve is more than 5,000 acres of living laboratory that is researching the effects of climate change and carbon on plant diversity and ecosystems along with several other areas of research.

Located up 35 from the Twin Cities in East Bethel Minnesota, Cedar Creek Natural History Area, established in 1940, was designated a National Natural Landmark by the National Park Service in 1975. In 1977 it was included as an Experimental Ecology Reserve in a proposed national network, and in 1982 it was one of 11 sites in the United States selected by the National Science Foundation for funding of Long Term Ecological Research (LTER).

In more recent years, this facility has been expanding their research on the effects of carbon and climate change starting from a soil microbe level up the chain to plant diversity and effects on wildlife.

Our visit was lead by the the Managing Director and Adjunct Professor, Dr. Jeffrey Corney, who was able to give us a very detailed tour of the facility and explanation of the research they are doing.

We look forward to doing a great deal of collaboration with this amazing facility in the future.  You can learn more about Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve by visiting their site.

Through our collaboration, we hope to share the impressive and ground breaking research this facility is doing and bringing it to a national and global audience.

Below is a Flickr slide show of our tour.

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