EnerChange is the No-Cost Service Route to Hassle-Free Energy Savings

//EnerChange is the No-Cost Service Route to Hassle-Free Energy Savings

EnerChange is the No-Cost Service Route to Hassle-Free Energy Savings

green buildingThroughout our first several months of operation, EnerChange has been happily serving the Greater Twin City non-profit community with a free service promising to save our clients’ money by helping them save energy. In a recovering economy, our customers have responded very positively as they see money moved from their expense column into bolstering stressed programming budgets.  And to be sure, we have been significantly paying off our promise, saving our growing client roster more than $300,000, so far.

It’s a more interesting story than that though, because in achieving these dollar and energy savings, we really are quietly accomplishing much more, thanks to the decisions of our customers.  Energy conservation presents this country (and planet) with the most powerful engine for meeting the bigger challenges of global wellness. The most talked-about solutions for global warming involve alternative energies, but the straightest line to reduced greenhouse gas emissions is using less energy, period. “The cheapest, cleanest energy is the energy you don’t use,” said Jenny Powers of the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC). It doesn’t seem as sexy as solar and wind, but efficiency is the cornerstone of reducing our environmental impact,” Powers told Livescience.

High Performance and Green Buildings Provide Many Benefits

This residual benefit theme is corroborated by the Center for Sustainable Energy in California: “Energy efficiency has traditionally been evaluated primarily on the direct basis of economic benefit of the investment.  However, an increasing amount of studies have shown that ‘high performance/green buildings’ can provide all of the following, depending on the measures incorporated and the type of occupancy:

  1. Reduced Operating Costs
  2. Lower Maintenance Costs & Extended Equipment Lives
  3. Increased Productivity & Reduced Employee Absenteeism
  4. Reduced Incidents of Building Related Sicknesses
  5. Higher Test Scores from Students
  6. Increased Product Sales
  7. Reduced Impact on Municipal Infrastructure
  8. Higher Resale and/or Leasing Values & Marketability
  9. Decreased Building Product Waste Streams
  10. Increased Market For Recycled Content Materials
  11. Equivalent (but preferable) to Supply-Side Resources (e.g. Power Plants)
  12. Enhanced Environmental Quality & Decreased Pollution.”

EnerChange Connects You With Programs and Rebates

EnerChange’s mission is simple: Transform information into action in the form of increased energy efficiency. There is no end to the proliferation of research, knowledge and information regarding these critically related issues.  We are determined however, to move beyond words to induce the activity and practices that produce those savings. To do that, we focus on implementation. We create both the diagnosis and the prescription for each facility’s energy wellness and efficiency. We connect the client to the appropriate Xcel Energy and CenterPoint Energy programs and rebates that effect the transition. We also identify the service providing companies – lighting companies, HVAC specialists, etc. – that make the physical changes required. And although most of these processes pay for themselves, we can even provide financing in the cases where that may be needed. So far – in our first several months of operating – we have successfully extended our services to 54 different non-profit organizations (most of them from the United Way family of agencies), affecting actual improvements in 80 separate facilities, having agreement to proceed with the implementation of 385 different efficiency opportunities.

Be sure to contact us at EnerChange if you’d like to learn how our free service can save you money by saving your energy consumption. Visit our website www.EnerChange.org, contact us at mtkach@enerchange.org or plarson@enerchang.org and follow us on Twitter and YouTube.  We look forward to helping you any way we can.

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