Easy Solar-Powered Projects On a Budget

//Easy Solar-Powered Projects On a Budget

Easy Solar-Powered Projects On a Budget

Do you have any solar panels or items that utilize solar panels around that you want to put to use? Take a stab at one of these projects to help you go green.


1. Solar Jar Get ready for late summer nights by making your own solar lights at a cost of around $6 and done in 10 minutes. If there is something more simple than this, I don’t know what it is.

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2. Solar Powered Watering System Can’t always get home to water your outdoor plants every day? Use a solar powered watering system.


3. Swimming Pool Heater If you’re tired of getting into an ice-cold pool, try making a solar panel to heat you up.


4. Garden Lights Don’t want to stake your lights into the ground as intended? Try this crafty project instead.


5. Altoids USB Charger Are those mints? No, just a clever way to be able to charge your phone on the go.


6. Soda Can Solar Panel Don’t throw away those aluminum cans once you’re done sipping; turn them into a power source.


7. Garden Fountain No need to run extension cords out to your garden for the pump; simply create your own power source with a solar grid.

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