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Congregations Practice Environmental Stewardship


EnerChange Aids Congregations in Their Energy Efficiency Efforts

We – each of us – come to the place of now from different perspectives and unique evolutions of experience and knowledge. This week may indeed count importantly in the belated but much needed coalescence of agreement about the critical need for action to address the issues of Climate Change. Whether we participated as one of the 400,000+ People’s Climate March in NYC on Sunday, September 21, speak at the United Nations climate summit or with much lower a profile, work daily to improve our planet’s wellness, it seems that we may be awakening to the greatest challenge of our time.

We at EnerChange posted a new video today at because it captures so many of the themes flowing into this important effort to improve the quality of life now and for future generations. The 10 minute video clip is part of a longer feature film produced by Climate Reality, the organization from which in 2006, I was privileged to be trained by Al Gore to present the issues of global warming and its myriad ramifications. In the segment we posted (which includes some of EnerChange’s activity in the Twin Cities), Climate Reality wanted to present the gathering momentum coming from Interfaith houses of worship that have committed to this important cause.

The focus of all our efforts at EnerChange is to help nonprofit organizations save money by saving energy. We are proud of the growing number of nonprofits – of all kinds – that we have guided toward the implementation of a wide range of conservation and efficiency improvements. We have evolved in our development, through the deployment of a Sector Strategy, that effects implementation in larger numbers of buildings within select community segments – senior living, healthcare and worship houses – churches, synagogues, mosques to name a few. The worship sector is what caught the attention of Climate Reality and is the grass roots subject of this impressive video capture.

While EnerChange specializes in efficiency and conservation, we are keenly aware of the growing interest in other significant solutions for the changing climate on planet Earth. To be sure, alternative energy resources – hydro, wind, solar, geothermal and others – are growing in importance and affordability. Financial resources are becoming more available for these initiatives which accelerate the ability to mitigate the problems. Whatever means, approaches and activities work toward the diminution of the impending consequences of denial and inattention to what is happening around the globe to our environment, we and millions of other applaud. Let us hope that our current place of now helps prepare the way for a viable tomorrow.

By Steve Seidl

Executive Director, EnerChange


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