Can 7 Billion People be Sustainable?

//Can 7 Billion People be Sustainable?

Can 7 Billion People be Sustainable?

Happy Halloween EnerChange readers.  Not only is today Halloween, but as we are sure you have heard, October 31st 2011 is the day that planet earth has reached 7 BILLION people on the planet.

As many of the posts you find on our blog, we discuss energy efficiency and sustainability and the future.  But the future is also impacted by the fact that we have never, in the history of mankind, had to figure out how to remain sustainable with 7 billion people demanding access to the same resources we have always had.  How will 7 billion people effect the demands for  resources?

When we consider the resources with higher demand, we need to consider everything from landfills to sewage treatment plants.  In this week’s episode of Energy Now, we will see  how innovators around the country are working on ways to reduce humanity’s environmental footprint and get more from our waste. This week, energyNOW! explores the ways people are “going green” in unlikely areas.

Natural resources may be limited, but humanity’s consumption guarantees an abundance of one unlikely “resource” – garbage. On average, a typical American throws out about four pounds of trash per day, or more than 240 million tons of garbage every year. Most of that waste winds up in landfills and releases methane as it decomposes. But what if that gas could be harnessed as a clean energy source?


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