Call EnerChange to Schedule an Appointment

//Call EnerChange to Schedule an Appointment

Call EnerChange to Schedule an Appointment


Summer may be in full swing, but a change of the season is just around the corner. As you “make hay while the sun’s still shining,” think of July as the perfect time to schedule an appointment an EnerChange service provider to help you get ready for the winter.

EnerChange will come to your business to help analyze your bill to detect errors and analyze your usage history. Along with bill analyzation, an EnerChange representative will do a building walkthrough and help prescribe better options to help cool and heat your building.

If you currently have service through Xcel and/or CenterPoint, we will help you make the right calls to save you money, helping you identify the best service provider for you.

The best part of this: scheduling an energy assistant is free, because it’s funded through the Conservation Improvement Program (CIP) with contributions from Xcel Energy and CenterPoint Energy and administered by the Minnesota Department of Commerce/Division of Energy Resources. Because of this financial support, EnerChange is able to offer its services at no charge to its clients.

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