Businesses Move Toward Renewable Energy Sources

//Businesses Move Toward Renewable Energy Sources

Businesses Move Toward Renewable Energy Sources

Consumers are more aware of environmental issues than ever, and this is reflected in the products and services they choose each day. When a business gains a reputation for being environmentally conscious, people pay attention, not only buying from them or using their services but also becoming loyal customers and telling others about that brand.

In the past few years, businesses of all sizes have begun investing in environmentally-friendly solutions. This includes choosing renewable energy sources over traditional sources like coal and fuel. While many businesses can’t afford to make the switch all at once, some companies now opt to shift toward renewable solutions when it’s time to make building improvements or relocate. Here are a few major areas seeing significant movement toward renewable energy in business.

Renewable Energy in the Workplace

One of the first areas that businesses target with their sustainability efforts is their own office space. This starts with offering recycling options around the office and eventually extends to other changes, such as using non-toxic cleaning supplies. Solar panels have become increasingly popular on commercial buildings as businesses realize the cost savings they can achieve by moving off the grid. In addition to solar installations, businesses are also becoming more conscious of the many design changes they can make during construction to save electricity.

Renewable Energy in Manufacturing

A trend is underway to move toward cleaner manufacturing processes. This is a larger-scale movement than those launched by individual businesses, often being requested at the government level. Industrial pollution is an ongoing problem globally, and businesses that want to demonstrate their environmental commitment choose manufacturing processes that prioritize sustainability. Options for manufacturers include using green materials, investing in the same renewable energy sources that offices use, and reviewing every step of the manufacturing processes to pinpoint waste and find ways around it. Even small changes like using recycled materials can significantly improve a business’s environmental responsibility at a minimal expense.

Renewable Energy and Information Technology

The devices and networks people use every day actually create an environmental issue. Even worse, the energy powering our country’s data centers is on the increase. Realizing this, large corporations are taking serious measures to cut back on the amount of energy data centers consume. Google is leading the charge by demanding that all of its data centers operate 100 percent on renewable energy sources. Like Google, many other technology service providers are searching for ways to reduce energy consumption in their data centers and server rooms. Fortunately, they have help from equipment manufacturers, who also consistently make an effort to create products that operate more efficiently. IT professionals can further their energy efficiency efforts by choosing equipment and peripherals that are more energy efficient or use less power on a daily basis.

When a business commits to finding ways to reduce its carbon footprint, that business can win over the many consumers who are concerned about conservation. The growing trend toward renewable energy sources means businesses, manufacturers, and service providers will be able to not only show their environmental commitment, but they’ll also be able to save the money they were spending on utilities and manufacturing processes.

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