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Newell Weed, founder of the National Initiative by Consumers of Energy (NICE) and its operating brand EnerChange, invited a number of recognized community and civic leaders to help launch this initiative. Since 2007, there has been an evolution of governance from The Founders Board to the current Operating Board:

Current Board of Directors

Mike Conley – Chair
John Levy – Vice Chair
Jane Blanco – Secretary
Kris Krishnan – Treasurer
Clint Morrison
John Whittington
Lisa Daniels
Robert Elde
Damaris Hollingsworth
Frantz Corneille

Founders Board

Arne Carlson – Former Governor, Former Chairman of the Board, River Source Funds
Charles Denny – Former CEO ADC Communications, Director Hubert Humphrey Institute
Dave Durenberger – Former Senator, Chair National Institute Health Policy, St. Thomas
Ford Bell – Former Chair and CEO, Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation
Edson Spencer – Former CEO, Honeywell
Will Steger – President-Founder Will Steger Foundation – Explorer, Educator, Author
Mark Dayton – Former Senator
Judy Johnson – Former President, League of Minnesota Cities
Angus Vaughan – Founder and Executive Director Northern Environmental Support Trust
Walter Mondale – Former Senator, Vice President, Ambassador
Wendell Anderson – Former Governor
R. Michael Conley – Former Sr. Vice President, ReliaStar Inc.
Steve Seidl – NICE Executive Director – Original NICE Board Member – Marketing Management, Communication Executive