$4,468 – Average Annual Energy Efficiency Savings for Worship Facilities

//$4,468 – Average Annual Energy Efficiency Savings for Worship Facilities

$4,468 – Average Annual Energy Efficiency Savings for Worship Facilities

One of the unique, unanticipated, and thoroughly rewarding discoveries for EnerChange has been the way in which the worship community in our area has so readily embraced energy efficiency. We are especially impressed with the broad, ecumenical support we have encountered as it has grown over the past several years. We have thoroughly appreciated the opportunity to serve members of the Jewish, Protestant, Muslim, Catholic faiths and the roster of interested faith-based clients continues to expand.

Originally, we were cautioned that houses of worship can be challenging when searching for efficiency opportunities because of the non-traditional usage and deployment of the facilities. To be sure, there are significant differences between the way commercial office buildings and mosques, synagogues and churches use and manage their buildings. Nonetheless, EnerChange has found a willing and eager partnership with the worship community and it’s time we acknowledge them and pay tribute to the leaders from among this sector.

The worship community perfectly exemplifies the triple bottom line that we proclaim as the benefit for energy conservation and efficiency. When the social (comfort and well-being), environmental (planetary wellness) and financial (the dollars saved by saving energy) benefits are all considered, we really do have an all-win dynamic.

As with all EnerChange clients, the financial benefits inevitably drive the determination to act. But the worship sector, particularly also is highly motivated by both the social and the environmental factors, as well. If there is a single word that we hear from this segment of our clients, it is stewardship – the acknowledgement that we all have a responsibility to “give back”. We must replace, replenish and at the very least cease and desist damaging the environment. We also have an obligation to one another, doing the right thing when it comes to our fellow citizens.

A Noteworthy Faith-Based Energy Partner

In our work with the worship sector, we have crossed paths – successfully – with Interfaith Power & Light, a real force for encouraging action from the faith community. Their Mission Statement clearly indicates the effective synergy between our two organizations:

The mission of Interfaith Power & Light is to be faithful stewards of Creation by responding to global warming through the promotion of energy conservation, energy efficiency, and renewable energy.


Two Exemplary EnerChange Clients

1 – Abu Huraira Islamic Center

“On behalf of all the Sheikhs, we want to thank you, EnerChange, for your continuous efforts in helping us. We understand it hasn’t always been easy, but we hope to continue working with you to save on our energy costs” – Sh. Ahmed Burale



2 – Evangelical Churches of America (ELCA)

Fully supported by Bishop Ann M. Svennungsen, after a number of congregations undertook efficiency implementation themselves, The ELCA established a special fund – The Nehemiah Fund – as recommended by EnerChange – to provide financial assistance for those congregations wanting to adopt conservation methods. Scott Metcalf, ELCA liaison with EnerChange said, “Anything we can do to help reduce carbon footprints, save costs, also helps this precious Planet and all who have been given Stewardship over it. It is especially important to instill that mindset with as many people as possible. There is tremendous power in numbers.” He later observed, “The involvement of the congregation can translate into energy changes in the home too, not just their church!” Scott Metcal



A Growing Portfolio of Worship Participants

With more than 223 clients in our cadre of churches, synagogues and mosques that have effectively converted what was once an expense to dollars to further their missions, EnerChange expects that many more representatives of the worship sector will move a few steps closer to achieving their vision.

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