5 Ways to Reuse Old Items

//5 Ways to Reuse Old Items

5 Ways to Reuse Old Items

Do you have a free weekend for a project? Have you thought of ways to give things that┬áhave been sitting around your house have a second life? Household items often go to waste fills and take years to decompose. We put together a list of items for an easy weekend project to reuse these items — it even helps you to get organized.

1. Towels Into a Rug Recycle those old towels into something that is perfect for the bathroom. The video gives you a quick tutorial on how to create the most absorbent rug.

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2. Windows Into a Greenhouse Do you have any old windows lying around waiting for the right craft project? Turn them into a stylish greenhouse.

Wine Bottles

3. Wine Bottles Into Candle Holders/Shelf Holders Soak the labels off of your old wine bottles and turn them into a boho chic candle holder. Looking for something more challenging? Use some wood panels and hooks to make yourself a new shelf.


4. Tissue Box as Bag Storage Don’t throw out those old tissue box. Use them to corral and manage shopping plastic bags.


5. Drawers Into Hideaway Storage Are you running out of storage space? Use old drawers from dressers as storage. Pay a visit to the hardware store for some casters and some paint or varnish (if it needs it), and voila, you have something to roll underneath your bed for easy storage.

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