5 Things to Love About Working in Energy Conservation

//5 Things to Love About Working in Energy Conservation

5 Things to Love About Working in Energy Conservation

164567023Recently, we came across an article titled “7 Jobs That Make the World a Better Place.” It’s a good list – landscape architect, solar power plant operator, recycling truck driver, energy auditor – hey, wait! That’s us! The article, posted on Patch.com, explained, “Energy auditors help curb energy waste by inspecting buildings to find areas of air leakage and advising customers on how to fix and prevent leaks.” Ideally, all jobs make a positive contribution to society in some way, but some certainly make a bigger impact than others. At EnerChange, we’re fortunate enough to spend our time helping nonprofit organizations use less energy.

So, why do we love working as energy consultants? Here’s 5 reasons!

1. Making a positive impact on the planet

This one is obvious, but it’s important! An energy consultants goal is a noble one: to reduce energy consumption Energy efficiency can alleviate all sorts of environmental problems, from air pollution to climate change to endangered species. Not bad for a day’s work.

2. Helping people solve problems

Energy efficiency has a lot of benefits for the environment, but there are major advantages for homeowners and businesses as well. Using less energy means lower energy bills. That means homeowners have more money in their pockets, businesses have more money to invest in innovation and job creation, and nonprofits can direct more resources to vital services.

3. Learning new things

Energy efficiency is a relatively new, evolving field. Scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs create so many new sustainable solutions, from energy efficient building materials to sustainable trade solutions. The tools and techniques of the trade are always changing, which makes the job exciting and flexible.

4. Contributing to a growing industry

The clean energy industry is growing quickly. According to the Brookings Institute, in 2011, there were 2.17 million jobs in the clean economy. The Center for American Progress reports that for every million dollars spent on clean energy projects, 16.7 green jobs are created. That means investing in energy efficient buildings and upgrades to existing structures not only helps the planet, but helps people and economies thrive.

5. Meeting new people and organizations.

In a consultant role, one works with many different people and organizations. An energy consultant might work with homeowners, big corporations, small businesses, nonprofit organizations, and government institutions, all with unique goals and perspectives. EnerChange offers energy consulting services to nonprofits, and we love helping organizations help others.

If you’re considering a career in clean energy or would like to learn more about energy efficiency, visit the Alliance To Save Energy. Got a question about energy efficiency audits for nonprofits in Minnesota? Contact EnerChange.

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