10 Strange Sources of Energy

//10 Strange Sources of Energy

10 Strange Sources of Energy

alternative energy sourceFact: our natural resources are limited, and we’re using them at an unsustainable rate. So, we need to find new energy sources. As wind energy and solar power become more common, scientists are testing potential new sources of energy to power our homes, workplaces, and industries. Recently, we came across an entertaining (if not mystifying and at times gross) article by How Stuff Works cataloging 10 of the strangest alternative energy sources.

Here’s a summary of the 10 weirdest energy sources. Read the full post at How Stuff Works.

  1. Muscle Power: Energy created by human movement.
  2. Piezoelectricity: Electricity generated by touching metal, such as cell phone buttons while texting.
  3. Hot Air: Heat from the sun trapped by tall solar updraft towers.
  4. Methane Emissions: Methane extracted from cow excrement and converted into a high-quality biogas fuel.
  5. Crude Oil: Derived from industrial yeast and benign strains of E.coli microorganisms.
  6. Marine Wind Farms: Wind energy, created by wind turbines tethered to the ocean floor.
  7. Wind-Powered Ships: Cargo ships powered by 13,000 square foot kites.
  8. Small Nuclear Reactors: The size of a hot tube, one of these devices could power 20,000 homes.
  9. Coffee Oil: Depending on the bean, coffee grounds contain enough oil to create biodiesel fuel.
  10. Mirrored Balloons: Released into the atmosphere, these balloons would transmit solar energy to receiving stations on Earth.

Intrigued? Read about the students, scientists, and research teams pioneering these creative energy sources in How Stuff Works piece, “10 Wacky Forms of Alternative Energy.”  And for help conserving the regular old energy we use daily, read the EnerChange blog for tips or contact EnerChange to schedule a free energy assessment.

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