10 Easy Ways to Go Green

//10 Easy Ways to Go Green

10 Easy Ways to Go Green

10 Easy Ways to Go Green Small

Taking the first step in the green movement may seem difficult, but it actually is very simple and is something you can implement into your everyday life. Think about the three keys rules: reduce, reuse, and recycle, and see how they can fit into your routine.

Here are ten ways you can go green that are simple to do each day:


1. Go paperless on monthly bills – Companies are making it so much easier to pay online these days, that this transition is extremely easy. Go online to request that your statements be sent to you electronically.

Thrift Shop

2. Thrifting – Instead of buying something new, such as clothing or dishware, visit your local thrift store to see what they have in stock. More often than not, you will be able to find something at a fraction of the cost of what it is priced at a department store.

3. Donate used items – Instead of allowing items to pile up in landfills, donate used items — perhaps while visiting a thrift store. Many thrift stores give out coupons to people who donate.

Cellphone Charging

4. Unplug charged devices – Unplugging cellphones, laptops, tablets, or any chargeable device once they are full will help cut back on energy — and save the battery life.


5. Turn off the light – Such a simple idea, but it’s not always implemented. Take a look around the house right now and see if there are any lights you can switch off.


6. Open or shut the window – Depending on if you want to cool or heat your home, open/close windows. This also lets in fresh air.


7. Upcycle old tshirts Turn old tshirts into stylish grocery bags. This stop also helps cut down on plastic bags at the store.


8. Reuse water – Heating up the water for your shower? Use a bucket to gather the cold water and use it to water plants. Another thing you may not know about is that potato water is rich in nutrients for plants. The next time you are boiling potatoes for dinner, save the water once you take the potatoes out of the pot, let it cool, and use it for house plants. It’s much better than fertilizers.


9. Visit the Library –¬†Save a tree and borrow your next book instead of buying a new one.¬†Libraries are great resources for other items, such as DVDs and audiobooks.

10. Educate yourself –¬†It’s so easy to ignore the environment, but making it a habit to be more aware of the world we live in benefits everyone. Read up on ways you can impact the world around you.


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