EnerChange is funded through the Conservation Improvement Program (CIP) with contributions from Xcel Energy and CenterPoint Energy, administered by the Minnesota Department of Commerce/Division of Energy Resources. Because of this financial support, EnerChange is able to offer its services at no charge to its clients. Our nonprofit energy consultants will help you save energy and money by advising and then implementing our energy programs.

In addition to providing our own professional expertise, our nonprofit energy consultants will help guide you to many excellent existing programs, including:

CenterPoint Energy

From CenterPoint Energy

  • Custom Energy Analysis – A certified energy auditor visits your facility to inspect your building and will provide a detailed report that includes a plan for energy-saving improvements.
  • Boiler Systems – CenterPoint Energy’s boiler system and component rebates help make sure your facility operate at its most efficient.
  • Boiler Tune-Ups – Boilers in businesses work hard and a tune-up can strengthen its performance, efficiency and safety. Boilers may be eligible for a tune-up rebate every other year.
  • Carbon Monoxide (CO) Controls – Carbon monoxide sensors help reduce the energy use in ventilation systems.
  • Foodservice Equipment – Foodservice equipment that is running at its optimum yields better results and operates at lower costs.
  • Furnaces and Unit Heaters – Natural gas is known for its efficiency and reliability in heating homes and businesses. CenterPoint Energy offers many options for commercial uses with their furnace and unit heaters.
  • Infrared Heaters – Excellent for space heating in garages, warehouses, and other spaces with high ceilings or frequently opened doors, infrared and unit heaters will help keep everyone comfortable and keep energy costs manageable.
  • Low Flow Showerheads and Faucet Aerators – Low flow showerhead and faucet aerators help reduce hot water consumption and energy, allowing you to save on your monthly energy bill.
  • Water Heaters – Hot water runs a close second to home heating, so an efficient water heater can save you a lot of energy and money.

Xcel Energy

From Xcel Energy

  • Boiler Efficiency – Boiler efficiency is related to the boiler’s energy output and input, and Xcel Energy helps maintain the boiler for optimal efficiency, emissions, and safety by identifying ways to run at its best.
  • Compressed Air Efficiency – An ultra-sonic leak survey helps locate and tag air leaks to estimate the cost of inefficiencies because of system leaks and misuses.
  • Data Center Efficiency – This program significantly cuts energy costs for your IT operations or data center.
  • Efficiency Controls – By installing efficiency controls, it is much easier to manage facilities and lower bills by designating where energy is most needed.
  • Electric Rate Savings Peak Control – By agreeing to reduce electric demands at Xcel Energy’s request during peak demand, you can save on a larger scale.
  • Turn Key Services – Turn Key Services cover most of the cost of on-site energy assessment, giving detailed cost and payback information that is needed before starting efficiency upgrades.
  • Energy Design Assistance – Energy Design Assistance is a free comprehensive approach to energy and cost savings for business customers considering new construction or renovation projects.
  • Energy Efficient Buildings – The Energy Efficient Building is based on Xcel Energy’s prescriptive programs via motors, cooling, and heating, and are ideal for projects 50,000 square feet or less.
  • Furnace Efficiency – Xcel Energy helps improve the efficiency of your heating system and lowers bills by offering co-funded studies to optimize the system and offering rebates on energy-saving equipment and for tune-ups on repairs and replacements.