Satisfied Clients

Since our beginning in late 2010, EnerChange is pleased to have served 547 different organizations, implementing efficiency improvements within 936 of their buildings. We have facilitated the achievement of energy savings – kWh—electric energy savings—and Therms—gas energy savings at a level equivalent to 1229,152,006 lbs. of CO2 through these actions. Our clients are most pleased with the fact that they have collectively saved $9,620,000, allowing them to spend more money on program advancements or investing the savings in deeper energy efficiency, ensuring even greater savings throughout the coming years and decades.

We have been privileged to work with nonprofit organizations of many kinds—schools, senior living, multiple family housing, churches and health facilities. No matter what your version of a 501 (c) 3, we can EnerChange you as well, enabling you to help yourselves, and to come to the aid of our stressed and burdened planet at the same time.