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Board of Directors

Newell Weed, founder of the National Initiative by Consumers of Energy (NICE) and its operating brand EnerChange, invited a number of recognized community and civic leaders to help launch this initiative. Since 2007, there has been an evolution of governance from The Founders Board to the current Operating Board:

Current Board of Directors
Mike Conley
Lisa Daniels
Robert Elde
Clint Morrison
Mark Peterson *
John Whittington


Founders Board
Arne Carlson
Former Governor, Former Chairman of the Board, River Source Funds
Charles Denny
Former CEO ADC Communications, Director Hubert Humphrey Institute
Dave Durenberger*
Former Senator, Chair National Institute Health Policy, St. Thomas
Ford Bell
Former Chair and CEO, Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation
Edson Spencer
Former CEO, Honeywell
Will Steger
President-Founder Will Steger Foundation – Explorer, Educator, Author
Mark Dayton
Former Senator
Judy Johnson
Former President, League of Minnesota Cities
Angus Vaughan
Founder and Executive Director Northern Environmental Support Trust
Walter Mondale
Former Senator, Vice President, Ambassador
Wendell Anderson
Former Governor
R. Michael Conley
Former Sr. Vice President, ReliaStar Inc.
Steve Seidl
NICE Executive Director – Original NICE Board Member – Marketing Management, Communication Executive

* Chairman