During Minnesota’s Record-Breaking Hot Summer, Energy Usage Went Down

Minnesota's Hot Summer and Energy Usage

This past summer was hot. Really hot. And what did most of us do to make it through those scorching days? Well, we turned up our air conditioners and plugged in our fans. Sounds like a surefire energy drain, right?

Surprisingly, the answer is no. According to Xcel Energy, by the time 2012 is over, Minnesotans will have used about 1% less energy than they did in 2011, with its not-as-hot summer and tepid winter months.

So, how is this possible? According to an article on TwinCities.com, Minnesotans are not only becoming more energy conscious, but more pocketbook conscious in this time of economic downturn.

People are making changes to their homes by using energy-efficient products, adding insulation, and adjusting thermostats. They’re also learning that doing these things save money in the long run, as does unplugging things not in use, not leaving lights on, and keeping heating and cooling system usage as low as possible.

According to the same article, Xcel’s energy plants have actually been able to decrease their energy production by 6% per customer, which is a gigantic step in the right direction.

To read the full article, visit TwinCities.com.

Image Credit: Mr. Moment

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