Taking the Message of Saving Money by Saving Energy to Minnesota Nonprofits

In the short time that EnerChange has been around, we have been able to reach out and work with many great nonprofits in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area.  But our mission to share the ideas of “Saving Money by Saving Energy” is a message we need to keep sharing with more nonprofits in the Twin Cites and in greater Minnesota.  The concept is a simple one: Every dollar a nonprofit can save on energy and utility costs is one less dollar a nonprofit needs to generate through donors, or one more dollar that can be used to support programs.

To date, our message has been well received and we have been able to assist 105 nonprofit agencies in becoming more energy efficient. In total, this has resulted in making energy and money-saving improvements to 236 buildings.  And the list keeps growing.

In an effort to take our message and mission to an expanded group, we will be attending the 2012 Nonprofit Technology and Communications Conference hosted by the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits on Friday, March 16th in Minneapolis.

EnerChange will be part of the exhibit area where Twin Cities and Minnesota nonprofits can ask questions of our Energy Managers, as well as learn how their nonprofit can save money by saving energy.

In a recovering economy, when donor dollars may be harder than ever to find,  saving money and demonstrating to donors that they are using money wisely is a sensible vision to share.

Be sure to contact us at EnerChange if you’d like to learn how our free service can save you money by saving your energy consumption. Visit our website at www.EnerChange.org, contact us at mtkach@enerchange.org or plarson@enerchang.org and follow us on Twitter and YouTube.  We look forward to helping you any way we can.



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