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EnerChange is dedicated to helping nonprofits save money by saving energy. We conduct FREE audits for your location to help you uncover ways to save energy.

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What We Do

The EnerChange process is really very simple. We start with an On-Site Walkthrough. We’ll meet with you and then take a look at your energy...


Who We Serve

Are you a nonprofit looking to save money? We can help. We serve various sectors including Education, Healthcare, Churches, Senior Housing.


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Take the first steps to saving energy for your nonprofit organization. We’re here to help. Schedule your FREE audit today! Request Your FREE...


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Total Number Of Non-Profits WE Have Helped - 942 Buildings

Total Savings Across The Twin Cities Metro Area - $9,200,000

Average Savings Per Customer Per Year - $3600

Lighting Audits

Lighting is among the first of the opportunities for energy efficiency “cashed in” by most new clients. Large rebates are offered by utilities to...


HVAC Audits

Heating and cooling systems present EnerChangers with a wide range of money-saving opportunities. Boilers, rooftop units, and other cooling...


Energy Billing Audits

Through many years of helping nonprofits save money by saving energy, EnerChange knows that there is a broad spectrum of opportunities for...


Operational EnerChanging

Virtually everyone who “cashes in” on the many no-cost, low-cost opportunities is surprised by the savings these simple behavioral or operational...