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energy savings by enerchange
Lighting24%Upgrade your lighting, it’s the easiest and least expensive way to save.
Controls15%These make your heating & cooling equipment operate more efficiently.
Behavioral9%The simple, free things: turn off appliances, lights, etc.
Insulation8% Many buildings need more insulation, does yours?
Boiler7%Replace your building boiler to reduce operating costs and maintenance.
HVAC5%Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning; those boxes you see on commercial rooftops.
Thermostats5%New and improved models are programmable, to adjust for when you’re not there.
LoFlow5%Faucet aerators, showerheads and toilets that use less water.
Weather Stripping4%Many of our doors and windows leak more air than they should.
Water Heaters3% New, improved High Efficiency models are 96% efficient.
Other3%Data Center efficiency, Compressed air, Electrical demand peak control, etc.
Saver's Switch3% Earn a monthly credit for this free installation on your A/C.
VFDs/Motor2%VFDs slow motors down, to operate more efficiently. New motors are more efficient.
Vending Efficiency3%Turn off those vending machines at night, save more than $100 annually.
Studies2%Energy Analysis, Recommissioning existing equipment, etc.
energy savings by enerchange